45s of the week: Sofie Royer, aespa and more!

The tracks you need to hear this week, reviewed by Rhian Daly


Sofie Royer – ‘Mio’

Am I one in a million or one of a million?” Sofie Royer asks on ‘Mio’, the metamorphosing stunner that will soundtrack your next existential crisis. As the Austrian-Iranian artist explores “the performance of self in everyday life”, she also dives into an effortlessly cool tapestry of sound, moving from lilting sunkissed, finger-picked folk to très chic new wave – and back again. Questioning everything never sounded so good. 

aespa – ‘Salty & Sweet’ 

It’s been a while since we last heard from aespa – 10 months in all since their last mini-album ‘Girls’ – but, on their new EP ‘My World’, they prove their still connoisseurs of taste. ‘Salty & Sweet’, one of its best tracks, does so quite literally, the four-piece using the delicious titular combo to describe their charms. “‘Cause I am salty and sweet,” they boast. “I can’t refuse, I can’t forget a different treat.” 

Kah-Lo – ‘fund$’

Girls just wanna have funs,” Nigerian-born star Kah-Lo observes on her electrifyingly fun new single ‘fund$’, evoking the spirit of Cyndi Lauper’s 1983 smash hit. But this time, there’s a twist – not just in its sonic world, which takes up home in club-ready beats and ice-cool electro, but in its nod to modern greed and the lifestyle lies we get sucked into: “I look pretty, I want that paper / To maintain it, I need my funds.” 


Jenny Lewis – ‘Giddy Up’

‘Giddy Up’, the third single from Jenny Lewis’ upcoming ‘Joy’All’ album, drifts away from the country twang of previous tracks ‘Psychos’ and ‘Puppy And A Truck’. Instead, the legendary musician moves into a hazier, smokier space, crafting an introspective slow jam that’s as alluring as it is thought-provoking. 

NIIA – ‘Alfa Romeo’ 

If Alfa Romeo cars are a symbol of wealth, then it makes sense why NIIA’s new single is named after the vehicle – it’s a song rich in brilliance. From the insistent motorik beat to the LA singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist’s heavenly vocals and the incredibly fun “Get your motor running / Vroom, vroom” chant, it’s a total joy ride. 

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