45s of the week: Miley and Dua Lipa, Biig Piig, French Cassettes and more

The tracks you need to hear this week.


Miley Cyrus and Dua Lipa – ‘Prisoner’

Do not let Dua Lipa drive your car. In the video for ‘Prisoner’ – her new duet with Miley Cyrus she commands a truck with the same grace as a two-year-old trying to play GTA. The track itself – teased on Wednesday via a raunchy Instagram clip – is an eighties-inspired bop that sounds not dissimilar to Olivia Newton-John’s ‘Physical’. The accompanying video (let’s be honest, this one’s all about the video) sees the pair as a touring double act, who enjoy writhing around in the back of their van, almost kissing and helping each other get dressed. Miley also enjoys throwing red paint everywhere. (Typical Miles.)

For any singletons suffering a lockdown 2.0 dry spell, this might just be the release you need.

Biig Piig – ‘Feels Right’

Biig Piig is missing nights out so much, she’s written a song about them. New track, ‘Feels Right’ is about the thing that COVID has robbed from us all this year: the spontaneous, unpredictable evening. What little fun we’ve been allowed to have has been regimented and sad – Book a table. No more than six. Strictly no mixing with others. Out by 10. ‘Feels Right’ is the antidote to all of that. It’s a song about going with the flow and seeing what happens and Biig Piig’s soulful delivery makes us miss the possibilities of the past all the more.


KennyHoopla featuring Travis Barker – ‘ESTELLA//’

Travis Barker is one of the greatest drummers on the planet – a fact KennyHoopla is well aware of. For his new track ‘Estella//’, the indie newcomer has roped in the Blink 182 hero to keep time. The result? A little more pop-punk than we’re used to from Kenny but there’s no doubt emos everywhere will chanting along to “I just die/ at the thought of being alive.” in coming months. Merry Christmas.

French Cassettes – ‘Santa Cruz Tomorrow’

Bay Area band, French Cassettes are gearing up to release their second album ‘Rolodex’ on December 11. Their latest single is a funky indie slow-jam called ‘Santa Cruz Tomorrow’ – a song about a lucid dream that sees lead singer Scott Huerta dive into memories of both a past relationship and a fifth grade school project. Sounds like our 4am brain.

Matilda Cole – ‘Clouds’

Newcomer, Matilda Cole has been trying to finish school and launch a pop career in this midst of this year’s madness. This, her first single, is a gorgeous pop gem about female bonds. “’The Clouds’ is like a look into my diary when I was 16.” she says. “The song and the video evoke that kind of hazy pink warmth that’s intertwined with female friendship, first heartbreak and adolescence – paired with the blurred perspective of those feelings that comes with growing up.” We’re excited to see what’s next for Matilda.

La Femme – ‘Cool Colorado’

Oh, to be dans le discotheque! Pioneers of French pop’s nouvelle vague movement, La Femme, are back with this sleazy, slacker-pop gem about being on the road in the US. Named after Colorado as it was the first state to legalise weed, it’s a perfect reminder of the band’s free spirit.

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