45 of the week: SZA, Bloxx, Nine8 and more!

The tracks you need to know about this week, reviewed by Jenessa Williams


Perto & Banoffee – ‘I Miss You ‘

As is only fitting for a song that shares a name with Blink 182’s most wistful banger, this team-up from Aussie wunderkinds Perto and Banoffee is thick with whiny emo energy, brought bang up to date by some PC-music synths. At a time where social distancing is starting to wear thin, it perfectly captures the sound of lonely adolescence. Time to Facetime a friend?

Nine8 – ‘Grown

Is there a musical collective around cooler than Nine8? With individual members such as Biig Piig and Lava La Rue achieving great things on their own, their latest collective mixtape showcases the best of their super-chill, multi-hyphenate creativity. ‘Grown’ is a particularly satisfying slow jam, leaving plenty of space for each member to shine.

SZA – ‘Hit Different (featuring Ty Dolla $ign and The Neptunes)

The Queen of Nu-R&B is back, and once again, she’s putting her high-profile pals to work. A combination of The Neptunes’ slick beats and Ty Dolla’s autotuned vocal roll out a luscious carpet upon which SZA’s butterscotch vocals can float, recalling the glory years of early noughties MTV Base where all we had to worry about was choosing an outfit for the start-of-term disco. Take. Us. Back.


NewDad – ‘Blue

It’s another understated homerun for Galway’s NewDad, whose head-in-the-clouds take on indie-pop is sure to send them huge. They might be telling the tale of a relationship that’s pulling in two different directions, but it’s a sound that is remarkably cohesive for a band only on their third single.

Bloxx – ‘Give Me The Keys

With their debut album out this week, west-London quartet Bloxx have made a solid name for themselves by cutting straight to the feeling. ‘Give Me The Keys’ is the pick of a lot, cherrypicking the best bits of pop-punk and new wave to nail a chorus that will keep fans of Pale Waves, Fickle Friends and MUNA very happy.

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