SZA gives ‘Lana’ update following leaks

The album began life as a deluxe edition of ‘SOS’, but will now be its own thing


The trials of pop stardom are many, not least having to deal with your music being leaked long before you’re ready to share it with the world. That’s a situation SZA faced recently when someone uploaded tracks intended for ‘SOS’ deluxe edition ‘Lana’ without her permission. 

The star isn’t going to let the leakers steal her thunder, though. In a Twitter thread shared earlier today (March 27), SZA spoke out about the leaks and told fans how the incident had changed her plans for ‘Lana’. 

“Will be dropping the leaks and outtakes from SOS as promised as the deluxe asap. Lana deserves more time and music no one’s ever heard before,” she wrote. “Seems fair. Bless.” 


She went on to confirm that the leaked material had been intended for ‘Lana’ and had spurred her on to start afresh with a new era. “I decided w all the leaks and me not knowing what someone has or doesn’t have it’s too complicated so I should jus consolidate the leaks and the outtakes and drop that as to not prolong the process and then focus on my next project as a win win for everybody,” she explained.

While it sucks for SZA to go through this, it’s a win for the fans in the end – bonus cuts from ‘SOS’ and a whole new era from a sublime artist? We’ll take it. 

Meanwhile, SZA will continue her victory lap around ‘SOS’ in June when she headlines Glastonbury 2024, alongside Dua Lipa and Coldplay. Recap our review of the album here to remind yourself why it’s so brilliant.