45s of the week ft. Daine, Linn, Emma Bradley and more!

The tracks you need to hear this week, reviewed by Hollie Geraghty



The title track from the Australian emo-pop artist’s forthcoming mixtape is a propulsive, dead-behind-the-eyes dissection of identity. “Lips fake eyes fake / teeth fake face lift / I got it all now I’m shapeless,” the singer moans over a glitchy beat – a lament about the paradoxical lie of “becoming what people want” to use for your own advantage.


London singer-songwriter Emma Bradley’s ruminative new single plays like a recurring dream, reflecting on the self-destructive desire to hold on to people, “no matter how badly they hurt” you. Delicate, breathy vocals whisper like intrusive thoughts, gracefully layering isolated keys, dainty strings and muffled beats to paint an elegant portrait of stubborn emotions.   

ETHEL CAIN – ‘Famous Last Words (An ode to eaters)’

Swept up by the intoxicating, twisted cannibal romance of Luca Guadagnino’s new film Bones And All – an American odyssey that’s uncannily mirrored in Cain’s gothic debut album ‘Preacher’s Daughter’ – the singer’s melancholy tribute to protagonists Maren and Lee burns with grisly, physical yearning (“Eat of me, baby / skin to the bone”).



Squeaky clean production meets effortless flow on the latest single from the rising Welsh rapper. Written with Cardiff nightlife in mind, the artist stays true to her namesake as she teases she “might misbehave” on a chilly hometown romp over a looming, supple beat (“42 shots make me wanna act up / if it’s Dom Perignon I need ice in my cup”).


Fresh from opening for Wolf Alice in Copenhagen earlier this month, Danish DIY artist LINN’s new single is a surrealist track that finds the singer orbiting an ambiguous refrain (“Okay sister / I’ll give it to you / if it means so much to you”). Decorated with celestial, unsettling intervals and a foreboding undercurrent, this beguiling track is shrouded in wistful mystery.

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