45s of the week: Lana Del Rey, Paramore, Biig Piig and more!

The tracks you need to hear this week, reviewed by Rhian Daly


Lana Del Rey – ‘Did You Know That There’s A Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd’

For a while, Lana Del Rey was going at a prolific rate, turning out two albums last year – and teasing others that have yet to materialise. After a quiet 2022, she suddenly returned this week with news of her next opus and a first taste of it. ‘Did You Know That There’s A Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd’, the wordy title track to the record, is classic Del Rey – beautifully melancholy, elegantly drifting, and featuring a chorus in which she asks someone to: “Tell me you like me / Fuck me to death / Love me until I love myself.” 

Blondshell – ‘Veronica Mars’ 

Blondshell – aka LA’s Sabrina Teitelbaum – has just found a new home on Partisan Records alongside the likes of Fontaines D.C., IDLES, Geese, and more. ‘Veronica Mars’, the single that will serve as a wider introduction to the fuzzed-up singer-songwriter, suggests it won’t be long til she’s as beloved in the indie scene as that lot. Things might start off steadily but the song soon becomes a gigantic, thrilling squall of noise as Teitelbaum begs for shelter from the world. 

Bree Runway – ‘Pick Your Poison (feat. Stormzy)’

Usually, Bree Runway is associated with songs that are fierce, ferocious and flamboyant. But on the superstar team-up that leads her surprise five-song collection ‘WOAH, WHAT A BLUR!’ Shows another side to UK pop’s next queen. ‘Pick Your Poison’ finds Bree swapping lines with Stormzy as the pair take apart a break-up over tender finger-picked guitar melodies and lyrics about being “stuck on different pages”. 


Paramore – ‘The News’

This year might not have been a classic – yet again – but Paramore’s return has certainly been something to shout about. ‘The News’ finds them on brilliant form, Hayley Williams lamenting our 24-hour news cycle over a jerky, jittery guitar line pulled straight from the heyday of indie sleaze. “Every second our collective heart breaks / All together every single head shakes,” she cries. “Shut your eyes but it won’t go away / Turn on, turn off the news.” 

Biig Piig – ‘Picking Up (feat. Deb Never)’

I’m fucking sick of this place,” Biig Piig sighs on the gently chaotic ‘Picking Up’, a song that lurches unpredictably from woozy, tumbling verses to a big, surging chorus. It would be a brilliant piece of changeable alt-pop, but the addition of Deb Never makes it even more delectable, the pair’s voices weaving in and out of each other stunning effect. 

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