45s of the week: DYLAN, Gracie Abrams, Cassyette and more!

The tracks you need to hear this week, reviewed by Tyler Kelly


DYLAN – ‘Every Heart But Mine’

We’re living in an era where female empowerment is at an all-time high and the charts are dominated with badass solo performers who are championing their contemporaries; practising the art of collaboration instead of being pitted against each other and dragging one another down. On ‘Every Heart But Mine’, self-confessed “rock star trapped in a pop star’s body” singer/songwriter DYLAN is reimagining the old school rock anthem and enlisting the help of some of her favourite artists (Cat Burns, Rachel Chinouriri, Mae Muller, Beren Olivia and Sody) to add emphasis to the meaning of an already empowering song. 

Cassyette – ‘Boom’ 

On her latest single, Cassyette proclaims, “I am dynamite, watch me go”. Since her breakthrough in 2019, she has gone from strength to strength, amassing a true cult following. An amalgamation of industrial, emo, electronic and metal, ‘Boom’ is the follow-up to 2022’s ‘Sad Girl Mixtape’. Explosive beat drops and unrelenting riffs are offset with raspy screams and entrancing whispers which enmesh as the sonic embodiment of a manic episode. Just when you think that Cassyette is settling into her sound, she throws a wildcard into the mix, which makes her an exciting and unpredictable artist to keep tabs on. 

Prima Queen – ‘Back Row’

Sentimentalism meets wistfulness in Prima Queen who romanticise heartbreak, loss, longing and accidents in all of their forms. ‘Back Row’ is unmistakably human, making poetry out of the messiness of an unfortunate encounter with someone you’ve previously dated seeing you with somebody new. Mastering the branch of indie which is nonchalantly confessional – even if you secretly really do care too much – Prima Queen is the meeting of minds between Bristol’s Louise Macphail and Chicago’s Kristin McFadden, and their sound is perfect example of two different worlds colliding and becoming entwined.


Lucia & The Best Boys – ‘When You Dress Up’

With their first release since 2019, Lucia Fairfull is signifying a new era for herself and the band; moving into more of a hypnotic electronic soundscape which contrasts their previously pop-rock-influenced sound. Channelling unapologetic feminine energy, Lucia is learning not to supress her identity for another person’s sake. “I have heard it all / But I won’t take no more”, she snarls as a delicate piano solo erupts into a gritty guitar solo, accented by deadpan, dry drums. 

Gracie Abrams – ‘I Know It Won’t Work’

Wearing her heart on her sleeve is something that comes naturally for Gracie Abrams. The magic in her songwriting is its simplicity, which when paired with a tactful producer such as Aaron Dessner (Taylor Swift, Phoebe Bridgers), saves her from falling into the label of a delicate, sweet, bedroom pop artist, and instead into being known an incredibly talented songwriter who knows how to tug on the heartstrings. Her debut album ‘Good Riddance’ proves that there is a formula to writing a great song and only a few know-how.

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