10 music moments in movies that were nothing short of iconic

From iconic girly-pop bangers to mysterious alternative classics, ‘Murder on the Dancefloor’ tops them all.


Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s iconic 2001 release ‘Murder on the Dancefloor’ has always been a certified banger, but since the release of , the Emerald Fennell’s raunchy class satire Saltburn, the track has swiftly made its way back into the charts. Since Barry Keoghan’s character performed his epic victory dance to the track, the official music video has seen a 541% surge in views in the UK. In awe of its success, we’ve taken a look at the 10 most iconic use of songs in films from the last 20-something years – songs that will forevermore be associated with the scene they’ve soundtracked.

White Chicks, Vanessa Carlton – ‘A Thousand Miles

White Chicks is one of those movies that most people could quote word-for-word. Pairing Terry Crews with a pop ballad like ‘A Thousand Miles’ was such a simple, yet effective move. 

American Psycho, Huey Lewis and the News –Hip to Be Square’

Frolicking around his flashy apartment in a sheer raincoat just moments before violently killing his ‘co-worker,’ alongside the sound of ‘Hip to Be Square,’ is a grotesque, cinematic masterpiece. 


Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, Angelo Badalamenti – ‘The Pink Room’ 

One of the hottest, steamiest and horniest club scenes to be caught in film – so much so, that you can only watch it on YouTube. David Lynch’s use of this sultry number maximises the sexual tension in the room. 

Twilight, Muse – Supermassive Black Hole

Twilight’s baseball scene will forever go down as an epic moment. Dramatic, mysterious and ominous – three adjectives oddly synonymous with both Muse and The Cullens. 

Step Up 2: The Streets, Timberland – ‘Bounce’

Even if you knew you had absolutely no rhythm, this scene and song choice had everyone watching envisioning their new-found careers as professional hip-hop dancers. Bring back dramatic dance movies. 

Mean Girls, Missy Elliott – ‘Bomb intro / Pass that Dutch’ 

‘The Plastics’ catwalk to the sound of Missy Elliott’s ‘03 ‘Bomb intro / Pass That Dutch,’ is nothing short of a Destiny’s Child music video. 

Thirteen, Annette Ducharme (ANET) – Nicotine

An iconic coming-of-age movie perfectly encapsulating the good, the bad and the ugly of teenage adolescence. Annette Ducharme’s grungey tune ‘Nictotine’ fits perfectly in the moment of this unsettling scene. 

I, Tonya, Heart – ‘Barracuda’

Heart’s ‘Barracuda,’ is an adrenaline-driven new wave cut encapsulating the female rage that you feel at this point in the movie. 

St Trinian’s, Sophie Ellis-Bextor – ‘If I Can’t Dance’

Fighting their way through security to steal the Mona Lisa to the sound of Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s ‘If I Can’t Dance’ – does it get more girly pop than this?

Barbie, Dua Lipa – ‘Dance The Night’

Greta Gerwig’s use of Dua Lipa’s ‘Dance the Night,’ really capitalises on and brings to life the fanciful euphoria of Barbieland.