Does Taylor Swift have yet more to share from ‘The Tortured Poets Department’? 

Her Taylor Nation social media channels appear to be teasing that there’s still more music to come


Taylor Swift has had a hell of a run over the last few years with her ‘Taylor’s Version’ albums, ‘Midnights’ and, now, ‘The Tortured Poets Department’. A few hours after the latter was released, the pop star surprised everyone by suddenly dropping another record’s worth of songs and making it into a double album. 

If you thought 31 new tracks was a lot, brace yourself – there could still be more to come. The star’s @taylornation13 social media channels appear to be teasing that we haven’t seen the last of ‘TTPD’ yet. 

“It’s true, and we’re not even full yet,” the account wrote in an Instagram story about the new album being out. Fans are speculating the implication that Taylor Nation still has room for more is a hint that Swift could drop another batch of songs at any minute. 


Whether or not we get more from the record, ‘The Tortured Poets Department’ has already achieved astronomical success. Within its first 72 hours of release, it gave Swift the biggest Billboard 200 debut of her career, the biggest streaming debut in Spotify and Amazon Music’s history, and the fastest album to hit one billion streams. 

The Forty-Five’s review of ‘The Tortured Poets Department’ assessed that the record is at its “most interesting […] when Swift takes us inside her relationship with fame” but said the album “doesn’t have the impact that you’d expect from her usually”. 

“Knowing Swift, it’s very probable these songs will reveal more layers over time, but on its initial unveiling, there are few tracks with lasting immediacy,” it continued. “Given the high standards that Swift is held to and the dazzling bar she’s set for herself, ‘TTPD’ feels underwhelming.” 

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