Olivia Rodrigo is ‘Obsessed’ with your ex – but just who is she singing about? 

The new song was released as part of ‘GUTS (spilled)’ yesterday (March 22)


Olivia Rodrigo has expanded her excellent 2023 album ‘GUTS’ with a deluxe edition of the record, bolstered by five new tracks. 

Technically, most of these songs won’t be new to those who purchased the special edition coloured vinyl releases of ‘GUTS’ last year – or the Record Store Day version. It’s the first time the likes of ‘Scared Of My Guitar’, ‘Stranger’, ‘Girl I’ve Always Been’ and ‘Obsessed’ have made it to streaming, though. There’s also bona fide newie ‘So American’ on the extended edition of the record. 

Of all these songs, ‘Obsessed’ has captured the internet’s imagination the most right now. “I’m so obsessed with your ex,” she sings in the searing tale of jealousy. “I know she’s been asleep on my side in your bed, and I can feel it / I’m staring at her like I wanna get hurt / And I remember every detail you have ever told me, so be careful, baby.” 


Naturally, the song’s lyrics are getting speculation going about just who Rodrigo might be singing about. While it’s unlikely she will confirm her subject any time soon, in an Instagram post celebrating ‘GUTS (spilled)’’s release, the star gave us some clues that could cancel some rumours out. 

“I made obsessed with @dan_nigro and @st_vincent almost 3 years ago,” she wrote in the caption of the post. Some fans had speculated ‘Obsessed’ could be about Rodrigo’s former partner Zack Bia’s ex, Madelyn Cline, but given Rodrigo and Bia dated only two years ago, her comments negate that possibility. 

In reality, ‘Obsessed’ could be about any one of Rodrigo’s exes’ exes – or an amalgamation of several. The music video for the song could hint at the latter – in it, the star attends a beauty pageant filled with all the women who’ve come before her, with Rodrigo seemingly jealous of every single one of them. 

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