Listen to new Navvy song ‘Rock Bottom’


New Zealand pop talent Navvy has released a ridiculously-catchy new song called ‘Rock Bottom’. Complete with synchronised dance routine, the track is a reminder that Navvy is one of the world’s most exciting emerging pop stars.

Speaking on the track, Navvy says: “’Rock Bottom’ is a song about knowing that as soon as someone moves on, they aren’t going to have any need for you anymore. It’s a tough pill to swallow, to realise that a person you spent all your time thinking about/caring for/hanging out with, will now only have a reason to come to you if they are at their lowest possible point.”

‘Rock Bottom’ was written with Australian songwriter Rory Adams and NYC singer-songwriter Sara Boe.

We had a whole day singing and dancing and writing,” says Navvy. “I produced the track myself, and this is the first time I’ve done that so it was so fun.”

This summer, Navvy played The Forty-Five’s first birthday party in London. See the highlights below.


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