Lucy Dacus’ and Julien Baker’s Pete Davidson and Ariana-referencing Halloween costume wins the weekend



We knew we could rely on the boys to deliver this Halloween. Ahead of boygenius‘ October 31 Hollywood Bowl Halloween show, Lucy Dacus and Julien Baker made serious moves with this already-iconic costume.

Referencing former-couple Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande’s lolly-licking pap shot, the pair posed for this Halloween photo, with Dacus as Davidson and Baker as Grande.

Can we take a moment to appreciate the attention to detail – the dangling fanny pack, the T-shirt, the lollipop, the tiny potted plant where a potted tree is in the photo. Exquisite. And not to mention just how much Julien resembles Ariana.


Fans are inevitably losing their shit in the comments. “This has completely obliterated an entire dimension of my my mind. Why does Juliana slay so hard?” asked one fan.

“I can’t tell if this is a hard launch or what it’s a slay either way,” commented another.

A couple of weeks ago, boygenius released ‘The Rest’ EP – four additional songs from ‘The Record‘ recording sessions. EP highlight, ‘Powers’ hears Baker ask “Did I fall into a nuclear reactor“, and well, that’s a little how we feel right now.

Meanwhile, The Forty-Five are in Los Angeles ahead of the Hollywood Bowl show and we’re fully prepared for more iconic costumes. Although how they’ll top this, I’m unsure. Phoebe as a donut, perhaps?

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