Kesha is ready to step into a new, free era 

The star shared a preview of new music on an emotional livestream last night


In December 2023, Kesha finally received some good news—her contract with producer Dr. Luke had ended, and she was finally free. Now, three months later, the pop star is ready to move into a new chapter of her career. 

The singer joined her fans on Instagram Live last night and shared a preview of new music with them during the broadcast. As the music played, she smiled at the camera through happy tears. 

Who’s keeping score?” she sings in the euphoric recording that played in the background. “Live for the heartbreak, it keeps my bills paid.”


On Twitter, meanwhile, Kesha shared a new photo of her posing in front of a misty landscape and ushered in her new era with a celebratory message. “First day I’ve owned my voice in 19 years,” she tweeted. “Welcome.” 

The star was locked in a legal battle with Dr. Luke since 2014, when she filed a lawsuit against the producer, alleging he had forced her to take date-rape drugs and then sexually abused her. The complaint also claimed Luke had emotionally and psychologically abused Kesha, causing “severe depression, post-traumatic stress, social isolation and panic attacks”. 

After filing that lawsuit, Kesha made several legal bids to be released from her record deal with the producer and his label, Kemosabe. She did not release any new music under the deal until 2017, following Dr. Luke’s departure as CEO. Dr. Luke has always denied Kesha’s claims against him. 

Kesha released her latest album, ‘Gag Order, ’ in 2023. It was her fifth studio album and was largely produced by Rick Rubin. 

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