Justin Bieber releases schmaltzy, second video for ‘Anyone’ starring wife, Hailey Bieber

But it already had a video, didn't it?


Justin Bieber has just released a new music video for song, ‘Anyone’, called ‘Anyone (On The Road)’.

The Super 8-style video, shows Bieber’s supermodel wife, Hailey Bieber, in a range of poses – on the beach, looking out to sea, in a hot tub – and a few shots of the loved-up couple cuddling in bed.

It’s a curious move, considering ‘Anyone’ already has a music video, which sees actor Zoey Deutch play the role of Bieber’s wife, to Bieber’s prizefighting boxing hero. So why the new version, less than a month later?


Could it be a play to boost streams of the song even further? Could it have been a desire to show his fans how much he loves his wife? Or is Justin Bieber just as bored as the rest of us and thinking of new ways to occupy his time.

Whatever the reason, it’s a fortunate position to be in to be able to afford to create two music videos when a lot of artists struggle to find the funds to make just one.