Heckling fan shows why you shouldn’t mess with Lana Del Rey

Unless you want to be on receiving end of a whole load of sass


Lana Del Rey is currently on the road across the US, playing a handful of dates in largely lesser-visited cities. So far, they’ve been a continuation of a (mostly) triumphant summer festival season that saw her headline events from London’s BST Hyde Park to Chicago’s Lollapalooza. 

One fan got in hot trouble at her gig in Austin earlier this week, though, when they decided to heckle Lana during ‘Did You Know That There’s A Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd’. As she was singing the song’s title, one person shouted: “No!” 

Without missing a beat – and with the most intimidating glare we’ve seen in a while on her face – Del Rey quickly shot back, “Well now you do,” and continued on with the song. As the crowd laughed in response, her expression softened back into a smile, but if we were that heckler, we’d be praying for the ground to swallow us up right there. 


Lana’s tour continues until October 5 and, come hecklers or storms, she’s committed to giving her fans her best. Her Dallas show yesterday (September 19) was disrupted by storms, but to make sure the whole thing didn’t get cancelled, she announced on Instagram that the stage time was being brought forward so she and her crew could “get as much of the show in until the next storm approaches that means about an hour and 20 minutes”. 

“Don’t worry the show is still happening,” she added and she kept her promise, only cutting a few songs – including ‘… Ocean Blvd’ – from the setlist. 

Del Rey’s been performing an interesting setlist lately that features big hits, fan favourites, covers and more underrated tracks. The Forty-Five selected some of our top underrated Lana Del Rey songs here – let us know if you agree in the comments.