Caroline Polachek finally got a seat on the subway in ‘Dang’ teaser

It looks like more new music is on the way after ‘Desire, I Want To Turn Into You’


Earlier this year, when Caroline Polachek returned with her second solo album ‘Desire, I Want To Turn Into You’, its artwork gave us some concern for her commute. 

On the cover, Pollers crawled on her hands and knees towards the camera, in the middle of two rows of seats on the subway. Sure, there was sand covering half of the floor but, even so, it didn’t seem the wisest choice to make on Los Angeles public transportation.

Thank god, then, that the experimental pop star’s teaser for a new track called ‘Dang’ finds her in a more traditional and less alarming spot on the train. Polachek finally got a seat and she’s using it to share a clip of the song, which is, presumably, on the way soon. 


It’s my face / It’s just a face, yeah / With my cheeks turning red,” she sings over a typically clinking beat. “Dang, dang, dang / Tell me more.” 

The clip follows another teaser a few days ago, which had Polachek back on her knees. This time, though, she was kneeling in front of a green screen background of misty lake with an island in the background and letting out a long, loud scream. Big mood – and seemingly another hint that ‘Dang’ is on the way, given it ends with her uttering the track’s title. 

Fans are speculating that the track could be a part of a deluxe edition of ‘Desire’, which would make sense given it’s only been seven months since that record was released. 

Back in February, The Forty-Five awarded the album four stars, writing: “On ‘Desire…’ Polachek is staring out at the sunny horizon and beyond. The experimental star not only surrenders to big pop moments, but signs hand-painted details where you can choose to follow the clues in search of something deeper, or simply lose yourself in the ocean swell.”