Answer Me This with Arxx: “Your Mum Will Love Us”

Answer Me This is The Forty-Five's weekly killer questionnaire. This week, Brighton duo Arxx talk cake, beach barbecues and what they've missed in isolation.


Who are ya?

We are ARXX, an Angsty Pop Gal Pal Duo.

What do you sound like?


If you combined, Dream Wife, Haim, Muna and Dolly Parton.

What’s your best song?

Depends what mood you’re in! Iron Lung if you’re angry, Stuck On You if you’re happy. 

Why should someone listen to you rather than the gazillion other musicians out there?

We’ve got something for everybody, and your Mum will love us.  

Complete this sentence: At an Arxx gig, you’re likely to…

…have fun and eat cake. (BYOC).

Which song do you wish you’d written?

Avril Lavigne, Complicated.

It’s 10 years from now. You’re headlining Glastonbury. What do you do to make it extra special?

Lots of palm trees, free birthday cake for the audience and we’d invite all of our musical heroines onstage to play with us.

Tell us a secret.

Hanni fancies at least one person from every line-up. Clara wishes she was Australian.

What’s the first thing you’re going to do after lockdown is over?

Have a BBQ on the beach and hug all of our friends.

Say people like your stuff, where can they see you next?

That’s a big question, we’ll have to ask Corona! But we’re planning a big tour for October *?*

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