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Songs about driving

Pedal to the metal! It’s 45 of the best songs about cars and driving

The car and the open road, so often eulogised in American music, have long been symbols of freedom, rebellion and teenage rites of passage....
Matty Healy The 1975 rabbit hat

45 songs about growing up

There's no denying that getting older sucks but these musicians have perfectly captured the road to adulthood. There are those reflecting on a youth...
Jayda G

Sesh Gremlins

You know those nights when everyone piles back to yours and wants immediate vibes? This is the playlist you need for that specific moment....
Holly Humberstone

Bedroom Pop

Bedroom pop has to be the most 2020 genre there is. Donno what it is? Well, kinda exactly what the name suggests. The phrase...
Violet Grohl

Violet Grohl is fourteen and already cooler than you’ll ever be

Watch this space: Dave Grohl’s eldest daughter is fast becoming one of the coolest teens on the planet. At just fourteen, Violet Grohl has...
Kelis 2000

Best Songs Of The 00s

Ooh the noughties, they were weird weren’t they. More polished and poppy than the nineties but not really as good. I spent a lot...
Lorde BRIT Awards

Best songs of the 2010s

The thing about lists is that there is absolutely no science behind them and they’re all a load of nonsense. That said, they’re quite...