Halloween songs

The very best tracks for your spooky-but-responsible indoor rager (with no more than five people from one household).


Halloween: the greatest of all the weens is fast approaching and let’s be honest, this year’s is going to suck a bit.

With corona being the real horror of 2020, fun is limited, but we can at least have a little spooky do with our housemates (and our housemates only).

We’ve rounded up the best Halloween songs from every decade to help get your mini mash off to a Monster Mash. From Britney’s ‘Toxic’ to Billie’s ‘Bad Guy’, ghouls, devils and monstrous sightings have been collected for this most special of Halloween playlists.


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  1. You have Toxic on the list, twice. Yet, you don’t have “Everyday is Halloween” by Ministry, or “Bloodletting” by Concrete Blonde.

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