Tom Jones’ new song is… cool?

Sir Sex Bomb proves his cool creds once again.


Last week, Everyone’s favourite sexy grandad, Tom Jones celebrated his 80th birthday. During his role as a judge on The Voice, he shed a little tear as a b’day VT came through from his old pal, Stevie Wonder. “I hope we get to work together again”, said Stevie. Given the way of things, it was something that held more weight than usual.

But rather than sit back, enjoy his ITV pay cheque and wait for the vaccine, Mr Jones has been busy releasing a new single – and it’s really good!

New spoken word track, ‘Talking Reality Television Blues’ is a little bit Lou Reed, a little bit David Byrne and bizarrely, a lot Mark E Smith. Reading like a media studies lesson on the history of telly, Jones takes us through the various momentous moments he’s seen unfold on the gogglebox.

Moon landing? He refs it. The Real World? He was hooked. Christ, Alan Sugar even features. But ultimately this ode to the tube is a commentary on something else.

“An old man with a comb over came along and sold us the moon/ and we stayed tuned in now here we are/ reality killed by a reality star/ I got the talking blues”

OK, Tom. Political is it? We hear you and we stan a switched-on octogenarian – particularly one that makes songs that sound like an ‘OK Computer’ deep cut.

“Turn it up and let me know what you think of my new tune”, Sir Sex Bomb Tweeted on Sunday.

Judging by this photo, he already knows it’s a stone-cold banger.


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