A comprehensive guide to TikTok’s biggest hits

NB. Not everyone is a dancer and that's OK.


You know those TikTok songs that get stuck in your head while you’re endlessly scrolling? Well chances are, you can recite a few bars, word for word, but the artist or song might escape you. Well, to help you out, we’ve collated a list of all of the app’s biggest tunes, old and new and the accompanying moves.

A TikTok trend that gains momentum has become the dream for any artist concerned with chart success. Whether you vocally covet it like Bieber or it finds you by chance, get a talented teen choreograph a dance to your track and you’re half-way there. It’s an endless minefield of Gen Z trends and genre-bending tunes, but if you’ve been hearing snippets of these tracks and watching Charli D’Amelio dance to them for months but had no idea who they were by, hopefully this list will clear things up.

Kreepa – ‘Oh No’

The soundtrack to disasters, sporting fails and funny pet videos, Kreepa’s ‘Oh No’ has been used over thirteen million times on TikTok.


You know it because…

Bestie uploaded your most spectacular drunk fail to this song.

Megan Thee Stallion – ‘Savage’

Whether you’re a TikTokker or not, Megan Thee Stallion’s signature track is the epitome of sass and slaps in both the real world and online.

You know it because…

Virtually every TikToker has done the dance routine that goes with it, and it’s actually one of the more do-able ones if you can perfect the booty pop and throw it back.

Ciara  – ‘Get Up (feat. Chamillionaire)’

The 2006 hip-hop hit from the film Step Up, featuring some old school dance vibes. 

You know it because…

It’s one of the trends that has stood the test of TikTok time and has become a staple routine for anyone on the platform.

BENEE ft Gus Dapperton – ‘Supalonely’

Benee’s addictively catchy track is a concoction of sassy pop, self deprecating fun and Gen Z frustration.

You know it because…

It’s the dance with the loser hands, the drinking gesture and body roll, created by an 18 year old LA TikTokker, who basically made Benee supa famous.

Lil Nas X ft Billy Ray Cyrus – ‘Old Town Road’

The song is absolutely legendary now, and we’ll never get tired of those horsey vibes.

You know it because…

Lil Nas X actually uploaded it to the app himself and promoted it as a meme for months. When it caught on everyone was drinking yee yee juice and transforming into cowboys.

Billie Eilish – ‘when the party’s over’

While a more unusual choice outside the company of your typical dancey TikTok songs, Billie’s haunting lullaby will always be moving, even on TikTok. 

You know it because…

Her raw and stripped back vocals were ironically padded out with some random sound effects like punches, howls, and gun shots for this easy peasy but weird trend.

The Weeknd – ‘Blinding Lights’

The Weeknd’s synthy 80s throwback had everyone vibing when it came out last year and it’s still riding the TikTok wave.

You know it because…

It’s the really easy dance that starts with a dab and has whole families involved, from toddlers to grandparents. 

Doja Cat – ‘Say So’

Doja Cat didn’t need TikTok for this tune to take off but it has definitely become an undisputed anthem on the app. This chilled disco inspired track oozes with fun retro vibes.

You know it because…

It’s another must-know TikTok routine with an iconic body roll, created by a teen user who ended up actually featuring in the music video. 

Jason Derulo, Jawsh 685 – ‘Savage Love (Laxed – Siren Beat)’

The highlight is the ‘siren jam’ sample by rising New Zealand musician Jawsh 685, inspired by a New Zealand/Pasifika trend of creating music that was played through siren speakers.

You know it because…

It inspired the Culture Dance trend where users danced in traditional costumes and celebrated their heritage, but soon ended up as one of TikTok’s more chilled dance routines.

Conkrah, Shaggy, DJ Fle – ‘Banana’

A tongue-in-cheek spin on Harry Belafonte’s 1956 hit “Banana Boat (Day-O)” (popularised by Beetlejuice) which has great feel good reggae vibes.

You know it because…

It’s the trend where people let their sunglasses drop onto their face at the line “stick with it cool drop”.

Dua Lipa – ‘Don’t Start Now’ 

We can always count on Dua for no-nonsense, carefree party vibes.

You know it because…

The TikTok choreography is just some chillaxed disco bopping, a favourite in the Hype House aka the TikTok Royal Family.

 Roddy Ricch  – ‘The Box’

TikTokkers love a track with a sample which works in isolation as a sound effect, and the opening of ‘The Box’, (which is a cross between squeaky windscreen wipers and the stiff tin man from The Wizard of Oz) is perfect for that.

You know it because…

People pretty much do what they want with it. From cleaning mirrors, opening and closing doors, skits, or the actual dance that’s been choreographed for it. 

Paramore – ‘Hard Times’

Paramore’s peppy track about pushing on when things are tough is ironically (but irresistibly) fun.

You know it because…

The TikTok challenge requires you to make different hand gestures right before snapshots are taken. 

 K Camp – ‘Lottery (Renegade)’

‘Lottery’ has textbook ingredients for a great TikTok dance – and the song doesn’t really exist in isolation without the dance anymore.

You know it because…

It’s basically the Gen Z equivalent of the Macarena. It was created by a 14-year-old girl in Atlanta in September 2019, and there really isn’t one creator who doesn’t know it. It’s like a TikTok rite of passage.

Doja Cat  – ‘Boss Bitch’

An uptempo clapback sharp enough to make anyone feel like a badass. No, really.

You know it because…

It’s from the trend where people correct their flaws and transform into a glowed up version of themselves.

Ciara  – ‘Level Up’

One of Ciara’s newer ones, this track’s hard beat begs to be danced to.

You know it because…

It was aptly paired with the challenge where people made walls of toilet rolls and cups, adding another level of height every time they cleared it (there was even an animal edition). It also inspired many body popping dance routines.

Simple Plan – ‘I’m Just a Kid’

Probably one of the very few pop punk songs to take off on TikTok, but Simple Plan’s emo anthem hits right in the nostalgia as a throwback to those misunderstood teenage days.

You know it because…

It was the soundtrack to the TikTok trend where people recreated old childhood photos.

Ambjaay  – ‘Uno’

When Ambjaay was sent this spicy beat by a friend he kept it safe because he knew it would go viral, and go viral it did.

You know it because…

It inspired another quick TikTok dance using the line “uno dos tres she a thot tho”.

Nfasis – ‘Tra Tra’

A mindlessly repetitive Spanish rap that’s really addictive.

You know it because…

It became known as the Ahi Challenge, which has got to be the most do-able dance on TikTok you just sway your hips with your hands in different positions. 

Killumantii – ‘Rules’

One of the biggest Rising Stars to come out of TikTok, this track has got to be the absolute sassiest on the platform. 

You know it because…

This one’s pretty versatile on TikTok but most people use it to vent some pent up anger by rapping to an inanimate object or animal. (‘Rule number one if it’s about me, @ me”).

Doja Cat, Tyga – ‘Juicy’

Doja Cat’s love letter to thiccness is fierce with a spooky synthy build up.

You know it because…

The dance trend starts with air piano playing before launching into all the booty action.

Megan Thee Stallion – ‘Captain Hook’

The choppy tempo and bouncy beat of this track is unapologetic and oozes with hot girl energy.

You know it because…

Megan Thee Stallion basically gives instructions for the TikTok dance (eat it, kiss it…).

This infectious tune packs a big old punch and was just made to twerk to. (If you can actually do it).

You know it because:

Everyone on TikTok is throwing it back to this. That’s all.

24kGoldn – ‘CITY OF ANGELS’

An ode to the fickle nature of LA, 23kGoldn keeps it fun and snappy.

You know it because…

The TikTok version injects more funk into the track which makes for another swift dance routine, with Charli D’Amelio among fans.

Powfu, beabadoobee – ‘death bed (coffee for your head)’

Beabadoobee’s sample is super sweet, sensitive, and really tugs at the heartstrings.

You know it because…

It was so romantic that it had people confessing their love for life long friends for all the TikTok world to see.

Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar, Future, James Blake – ‘King’s Dead’

A mixing pot of choppy vocals, urgent rhythms and crisp sound effects. TikTok doesn’t showcase much of it but a listen of the whole thing is well worth it.

You know it because…

It started the trend where one person sings “I took her to my penthouse, then I freaked it”, before lifting up a laptop screen for an on-screen friend to echo “then I freaked it”.

DeBaby, Lil Baby, Moneybagg Yo – ‘Toes’

The heavy trap beat and slick whistle against this personal track of up and coming success makes for addictive listening.

You know it because…

It’s got an established TikTok dance routine now, and has been popularised by TikTok qweens Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae. “I bring guns to fights” is the standout line.

Tiagz – ‘They Call Me Tiago (Her Name Is Margo)’

Boasting a chorus that is so simple with repetitive rhythms, this one really gets stuck in your head.

You know it because…

In the videos, people are disgusted and annoyed at the mention of this so-called Margo, only to remind everyone they’re called Tiago.

Arizona Zervas – ‘Roxanne’

It’s hardly original, but ‘Roxanne’s’ breezy hooks makes it really difficult not to like. 

You know it because…

It really took off on TikTok and has been used for pretty much everything: dances, skits, pranks. Even The Rock jumped on the hype.

JACKBOYS, Travis Scott, Young Thug – ‘OUT WEST (feat. Young Thug)’

This bouncy rap has the perfect laid back flow for some classic TikTok hip action.

You know it because…

The dance has the signature TikTok body leans and hip swaying.

Trevor Daniel – ‘Falling’

Trevor Daniel’s heartbreak track bursts with emotion, sharing similar strained vocals to Post Malone and Juice WRLD.

You know it because…

Couples love to use it over their scenes of affection, along with another trend where the boyfriend takes on the guy who has eyes for his girlfriend. And of course there’s a dance for it too.

Kesha – ‘Cannibal’

The woman who was singing about TikTok before it was cool, Kesha’s 2010 bop is unapologetically poppy and has the perfect verse for TikTok miming.

You know it because…

The dance routine recycles a lot of the popular slapstick TikTok moves. Charli is also a fan. 

Surfaces – ‘Sunday Best’

Total chilled out, stress-free vibes. A real indie gem.

You know it because…

TikTokkers made this more danceable with some gunshot sound effects and arm popping movements. But it’s also a versatile one and lots of people use it to show highlights from their day.

bbno$, Lentra – ‘nursery’

This nursery rhyme nonsense is worth the 1 minute 40 seconds wait for the drop.

You know it because…

It goes with the trend where you walk like a clumsy klutz before turning the stumble into a catwalk strut.

Blanco Brown – ‘The Git Up’

More cowboy-esque barn dance gold with fun country vibes.

You know it because…

It inspired the Git Up dance challenge which is a mix of square dancing and cowboy leg action.

KIIINGSAM – ‘The Drip’

“Bounce, shake, twerk, dip”, again and again. It’s super catchy, super bouncy. 

You know it because…

It’s one of the more challenging dances on TikTok, and features some all-time favourite moves like the Harlem Shake and the Dougie. 

Tyga, Curtis Roach – ‘Bored In The House’

It’s simple and repetitive but the twangy pulse of this track is just so damn catchy. 

You know it because…

It’s basically become the soundtrack of lockdown. We’ve all been bored in the house and bored in the house bored.

Cardi B – ‘Bodak Yellow’

Cardi B’s unapologetic 2017 triumph has savage beats which could have been made for TikTok. 

You know it because…

It’s the TikTok trend where people suddenly descend into slow motion as the song reaches the siren sound.

Drake – ‘Nonstop’

While TikTok just borrowed one verse, the rest of the song is actually good too.

You know it because…

It’s the sound effect for the TikTok which sees two people switch outfits as they ‘flip the switch’.


Joji’s heartfelt ballad is slow, sad and intense but so intoxicating.

You know it because…

It started that slow motion trend where you sit on the floor and slowly swivel round.

Pia Mia, Chris Brown, Tyga – ‘Do It Again’

Solid mid-2010s R&B with a dash of falsetto vocals.

You know it because…

Stranger Things’ Noah Schnapp sent it viral after inventing his own TikTok dance to it.

Tiagz – ‘My Heart Went Oops’

Tiagz openly says he made this for TikTok, putting a trap spin on a jazz and blues song.

You know it because…

It’s another transformation trend where people glow up at the word ‘oops’.

1takejay – ‘Drip Walking’

Just harmless silly fun. A throwback to the days of schoolyard dance trends.

You know it because…

It puts a modern spin on the 1970s dance trend of crip walking.

Y2K bbno$ – Lalala

Quirky nonsense rap with a melody that sticks.

You know it because…

An electronic version of the song started the trend where people copy emoji hand gestures to the beat.

King Critical – ‘Why Is Everything Chrome (Lean Swag Rock Wit It)’

The song that immortalised Squidward’s fearful words of a chrome future.

You know it because…

It’s another classic TikTok dance through and through with plenty of leans and claps and woahs. 

Handsome Dancer – ‘Coincidence’

Complete and utter infectious silliness. You just can’t not listen once you catch a snippet of it.

You know it because…

It’s the track for dance battles between families, friends, cats, dogs, babies, you name it.


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