45s of the week: Odd Eye Circle, PinkPantheress, Billie Eilish and more!

The tracks you need to hear this week, reviewed by Rhian Daly


Odd Eye Circle – ‘Air Force One’

As a sub-unit of LOONA, Odd Eye Circle celebrate the K-pop girl group’s new era with an infectious banger that shares a motivational message. “Open up your mind / Face new universe / Run it up, let’s run, run, run,” JinSoul, Kim Lip and Choerry encourage. With the giddy highs of ‘Air Force One’ in your ears, you’ll have no choice but to follow suit. 

PinkPantheress and Destroy Lonely – ‘Turn Your Phone Off’ 

Over a hectic beat, PinkPantheress melancholily details a relationship on the brink and trying to keep it alive through the phone on this updated version of a previously unreleased track. “I turned my phone off but your calls still came through,” she explains. “I reply when they do cos I want to chat to you.” Atlanta rapper Destroy Lonely mirrors her sentiment, suggesting the reason they never miss a call is because “it was love.” 

Luz – ‘Sustain’  

Although Irish singer-songwriter Luz’s new single ‘Sustain’ tackles struggling with ADHD, its feelings of fucking up will be relatable to everyone. “It seems like everything I try to do I can’t sustain,” she shares. With songs this dreamy and comforting, here’s hoping she can keep the music coming. 


Billie Eilish – ‘What Was I Made For?’ 

Written for the soundtrack of the Barbie movie, ‘What Was I Made For?’ subverts what you might expect from the film’s OST. There’s no bright, garish optimism here, with Billie Eilish instead looking inside and searching for answers. She questions her purpose and her lack of happiness over sparse, emotional piano, her delicate voice carrying through a haunting sense of longing. 

Mahalia – ‘November (feat. Stormzy)’ 

On ‘November’, one of the standout songs from her sublime new album ‘IRL’, Mahalia is head over heels. “Don’t wanna close my eyes for a minute / Cos I miss you every time I go to sleep,” she sighs over a waltzing, minimal backing. When guest star Stormzy pops up to reinforce those rushing feelings of love, the song becomes even more divine; a perfect candidate for a future first dance track.