45s of the week: Ariana Grande, Esme Emerson, Veps and more!

The tracks you need to hear this week, reviewed by Rhian Daly


Ariana Grande – ‘Supernatural’

Ariana Grande’s new album ‘Eternal Sunshine’ details different points of relationships, from break-ups to situationships and everything in between. On ‘Supernatural’ – one highlight from the record – she’s in the throes of a new love. “It’s like supernatural / It’s taking over me,” Ari shares, but resistance is not on the cards. “Don’t wanna fight the fall.” 

Esme Emerson – ‘Please’

Take my heart, it’s yours / Just for safekeeping,” Esme Lee-Scott sings in this beautifully hushed exploration of queer love. Together with brother Emerson, she builds a lush sonic world around lyrics filled with adoration and apprehension. What starts as a shuffling, soft folk gem becomes fraught and gently frenetic as layers of electronics and wiry strings bring things to a clashing, invigorating close. 

Veps – ‘So Speak’

In the video for ‘So Speak’, Norwegian band Veps get in the ring. It’s a fitting setting given the song deals with the frustration of arguments where the other person won’t fully go there and let their feelings out. “Why should I be silent if I was born screaming?” they reason, ready to throw punches via both in their punk-fused riffs and in the situation they sing of. 


RLY – ‘Ring The Alarm’

British girl group RLY are introducing their upcoming debut EP ‘Generation’ in acrobatic, important form on ‘Ring The Alarm’. Packed with impressive vocal swings, the track details the five-piece’s own experiences with being spiked. “It’s an emergency / Too much is hurting me,” they explain over a pulsating garage beat, but refuse to be defeated. 

Nieve Ella – ‘The Things We Say’

Nieve Ella’s first single of 2024 is both biting and buoyant. “Now I can’t take it back / I keep praying, Jesus Christ / What a mess we keep making,” she sings over the anthemic indie cut, surveying the wreckage of a bust-up with her best friend. Laced with regret, ‘The Things We Say’ is a smart piece of songwriting to take lessons from.  

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