45s of the week: The Regrettes, Coldplay and BTS, Habibi and more!

The new tracks you need to hear this week, reviewed by Rhian Daly


Delilah Holliday – ‘Dimension’

“I think about you all the time / I think you’re haunting me, stalking me in my mind,” sings former Skinny Girl Diet member Delilah Holliday on her latest solo track. But while ‘Dimension’ might seem like a lovelorn homage to a partner at first, it soon reveals more layers that are less rosy. Set to skittering beats and a gleaming melody, each time it revolves through the chorus it makes you consider new angles to Holliday’s tale while ticking all the boxes of a great pop song. 

The Regrettes – ‘Monday’ 

As if the start of the week wasn’t bad enough, on The Regrettes’ new single frontwoman Lydia Night is having “an existential crisis / and it’s only a Monday”. “Tell me I’m alive,” she sighs, but all she needs to do to get her blood pumping again is whack this song on – and loud. From the nagging “hey yeah, yeah, yeah” backing vocals to the restrained catharsis of its pop-leaning punk, it’s a solid reminder that even life’s tough parts can be turned into something sparkling. 

Habibi – ‘Try’ 

Sometimes good things do happen to good people, proved earlier this month by New York psych-rock four-piece Habibi signing to the iconic indie label Kill Rock Stars. To celebrate, they’re letting us all in on the good times too with an upcoming covers EP, ‘Nice Try’, kicking off with a cover of ‘Try’ by Leeds post-punks Delta 5. Habibi’s wiry, hypnotic version does come with a cloud over it though – it arrives days after the death of Delta 5’s inimitable frontwoman Jules Sale, but serves as a fitting tribute to a memorable musical force. 


King Hannah – ‘A Well-Made Woman’ 

Liverpool duo King Hannah – aka Hannah Merrick and Craig Whittle – cast a spell on their new single ‘A Well-Made Woman’; a smoky, shadowy incantation that reels you in and weaves itself around you. “I am woman,” Merrick purrs, her languid but purposeful vocals causing you to lean even deeper into the track’s ominous layers. “A brave, brave woman.” 

Coldplay and BTS – ‘My Universe’ 

What happens when you put two of the biggest bands on the planet together? In the case of Coldplay and BTS, they make one fittingly gigantic love song that’ll have you swooning for days. Set to feature on the British group’s new album ‘Music Of The Spheres’, ‘My Universe’ is a supernova-sized piece of optimism that swats aside the barriers we put up between us as a society with space-y synths and a whole lot of heart.

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