45’s Of The Week: Lets Eat Grandma, Girls On Top, MICHELLE and more!

The tracks you need to hear this week, reviewed by Jenessa Williams.


Let’s Eat Grandma – ‘Happy New Year’

Back with a topical banger, Norwich wunderkinds Let’s Eat Grandma have kicked-started 2022 by playing Calvin Harris at his own game; big euphoric synths and nostalgic recollection of poignant memories, utilising the occasion to build bridges in a friendship that once threatened to grow apart. With their distinctive vocals and impressive tennis swings, they’ve never sounded more in sync.

Elanor Moss – ‘Soundings’

If your New Year was less than happy, look no further than Elanor Moss for a sense of lo-fi comfort. Weaving a beautiful, acoustic tale of despair, ‘Soundings’ balances the lyrical difficulties of substance abuse with a search for hope; “my body was made for more than I’m giving it”. Gently reminiscent of Radiohead’s ‘No Surprises’, the York singer-songwriter will be bringing the track (and her wider ‘Citrus’ EP) on tour next month, in support of friend and collaborator Benjamin Francis Leftwich. 

Girls On Top – ‘Step Back

Who doesn’t love a K-Pop supergroup? Currently made up of members of aespa, Red Velvet and Girls’ Generation (plus soloist BoA), Girls On Top is SM’s entertainment’s latest showcase of their best and brightest, changing the line-up with each new comeback. Confused? All will become clear in time, but for now, simply marvel at this veritable feast of choreo and choral chanting, adding a touch of Gregorian flair to your usual pop proceedings. 

MICHELLE – ‘Expiration Date’

You can always rely on MICHELLE for a dose of elegantly chill RnB-Pop, and ‘Expiration Date’ delivers exactly that; effortlessly cool vibes that could just as easily soundtrack a lo-fi indie video game or a hot date in a trendy New York bar. With new album ‘After Dinner We Talk Dreams’ coming later this month, January is about to get a much-needed injection of warmth.

Static Dress – ‘Di-sinTer’

If 2021 was the year where we all fell back in love with pop-punk, 2022 will surely see the return of screamo and post-hardcore, laced with androgynous glamour and dark subplot intrigue. Nailing shouty verses and melodic choruses with equal aplomb, Leeds group Static Dress are obvious figureheads for the new movement, and ‘Di-sinTer’ their mission statement; riotous and claustrophobic, yet undeniably catchy. If My Chemical Romance need an opening act for their long-awaited UK summer shows, this band could well be it.