This shit again – so here’s how to make a music league with your locked-down friends

Something to do, isn't it.


Like an unfunny joke that becomes funny again if repeated enough times, maybe Zoom quizzes will have a resurgence or maybe we’ll learn to love flip-flopping in and out of lockdown. Until then, here’s another thing to do with your friends from isolation.

Music League is a weekly game which lets you share songs with friends and score points for whoever’s track slaps the most.

Each week you’re given a theme, eg. “a song that gets you on the dancefloor”, “a song you’ve loved from this year”, and you have a week to make your submission. The tracks are then all automatically added to an anonymous Spotify playlist which you and your league listen to, before voting for which track you like the best.


You have 10 points to dish out and – for the wannabe music critics among you – comments to leave on each song. When you reach the deadline, the points are tallied and a winner declared.

At best, it’s a way to prove your music creds once and for all. At worst, it’s a reminder to never allow you connect to the Bluetooth speaker.

The creative among you may have already created a DIY version of this very game but if you fancy joining up, it’s free and you can do so here.

Need inspiration? Check out 2020’s best songs.

Oh and this isn’t a sponsored post. It’s just been a long year.