Learn guitar for free this lockdown

Three months of free guitar lessons? That's one way to pass the long 2020 nights.


If you’re sick of sourdough and painting was a non-starter, let us suggest to you a new way to pass Lockdown 2.0. As the UK is forced to stay home for another month, Fender are here to help you fulfil your rock star dreams.

Through their learning app, Fender Play, the guitar manufacturers are offering three free months of guitar, bass and ukelele lessons. The app uses instructor-guided videos and bite-sized learning sessions, to give new guitar players the tools to get started. Once you’ve nailed some chords, you’ll be strumming your way through some of your favourite tracks in no time.

Budding musicians can sign up over on the Fender Play Free website.

The number of people learning to play an instrument online with Fender grew by nearly 500% earlier this year to almost a million people. The New York Times recently reported that an interest in learning guitar has exploded during the era of stay-at-home orders, with guitar companies boasting record years for sales.

The offer of three months of Fender Play is valid until December 31 2020, when hopefully, you’ll be able to impress your friends with your new found skills.

In the meantime, get some inspiration from our Guitar Music Is Alive! Playlist, updated every week by The Forty-Five’s Al Mills.


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