Best Christmas gifts for music fans

Oh GOD how is it nearly Christmas. For last-minute gift ideas, dig into this lot.


You better watch out and you better not cry because it’s that time of year again. The habitual Christmas Eve scramble to buy everyone you know an Oliver Bonas scented candle might be off the table this year, but it’s still not too late to get into the Christmas spirit and grab some unique gifts for the music fan in your life (even if that’s yourself!) From a Billie Eilish ukulele to your own deck of hip hop tarot cards, we’ve rounded up our favourite Christmas gift ideas to help spread a little festive cheer.

‘Punisher’ Christmas Jumper

Price: $75 Buy Now

In the words of Phoebe herself: “If you want to look like a straight-edge adult with an annual Disney pass…”, there can only be one Christmas jumper for you.

*Phoebe not included

Taylor Swift ‘Folklore’ Cardigan

Price: £65 Buy Now

‘folklore’ isn’t over yet. If you’re starting to feel like an old cardigan under someone’s bed, why not go full cottagecore and grab this lovely new one.

Dolly Parton Tote Bag

Price: £16 Buy Now

What would Dolly do? Help save mankind from Covid that’s what.

Billie Eilish Fender Ukulele

Price: £231 Buy Now

This was the first instrument Billie ever picked up, so why not follow in her footsteps with this signature uke?


SAWAYAMA Limited Edition Gold Casette

Price: £6.99 Buy Now

What is Christmas if not a time for a little bit of XS? Head back to the 90s with the limited cassette version of Rina Sawayama’s debut album.

‘Muso DJ’ Party Game

Price: £12.99 Buy Now

Christmas might look and sound quite different this year but the board games are here to stay. Give your party games a little modern kick with this music playlist game that lets everyone be the DJ.

The Grime Activity Book

Price: £14 Buy Now

Who wouldn’t want to spend Christmas Day colouring in Stormzy or trying your hand at a Boy Better wordsearch?

Hip Hop Tarot Cards

Price: £14 Buy Now

The future is all rapped up but it doesn’t hurt to look.

Nobody Ever Asked Me About The Girls: Women, Music and Fame by Liz Robinson

Price: £17.24 Buy Now

Nobody Ever Asked Me About The Girls is the latest book from renowned music journalist, Lisa Robinson. Based on interviews she conducted with everyone from Beyoncé to Tina Turner, Robinson explores what the music industry looks like for female artists from the perspective of someone eternally at odds with the boys club. A must-read.

Retro Vinyl Coasters

Price: £9.99 Buy Now

Stick your cuppa on a ’45!

Cheese Board Turntable

Price: £56.96 Buy Now

If you’ve ever been accused of putting cheese on the playlist, this is for you. The perfect companion for a festive Wine and Cheese evening over Zoom, obviously.

Lizzo Cushion

Price: £26 Buy Now

Lizzo just took another DNA test and it turns out she’s 100% the son of God.

Jungkook Canvas

Price: £32 Buy Now

One for ARMY. There might not be room for all seven just yet, but Jungkook will still look dynamite on your wall.

The 1975 ‘Love It If We Made It’ Print

Price: £8+ Buy Now

I’d Love It If We’d Made It but instead, you can find this awesome print on Etsy.

Dancing Kate Bush tee

Price: £14.99+ Buy Now

December will be magic again and this T-shirt will certainly help.

Bowie Bingo

Price: £20 Buy Now

Something to play with the fam. before you tuck into the Ziggy pudding.

‘Eltoe’ John Socks

Price: £8 Buy Now

Quite literally step into Christmas with these Rocketman socks.

I See Ghosts Hoodie

Price: £40.38 Buy Now

One for snuggling up with in front of the telly for the annual outing of The Muppet Christmas Carol.