Dua Lipa has some radically optimistic advice for life’s curveball moments

How strong is the positive energy of pop’s sunniest star really?


Dua Lipa’s upcoming third album is called ‘Radical Optimism’, and the pop star has proved just how true to her mindset that title is. 

In a new interview, the artist tackled a number of stressful scenarios, all of which could test even the most positive thinkers. If you have trouble keeping your cool when life throws you curveballs, you might want to listen up. 

It’s hard to imagine Lipa getting ghosted, but should someone do so, she’s ready to take it in her stride. “Something that I always like to say is, ‘If it’s not meant to be, it’s not meant to be – and what’s meant to be will be’,” she told Elle.


Plane gets diverted to another city? Holiday queen Dua is ready to go with the flow. Your best friend and boyfriend have an affair behind your back? They’re doing you a favour by removing themselves from your life! You’ve entered your Saturn return? Get ready, but you’ll be all the better for it. 

Even a shark appearing in the ocean and heading your way can’t faze the star. “Relax! It’s fine,” she smiles, nodding to the artwork for ‘Radical Optimism’: “It also makes for a really good album cover.” 

Dua will bring her good vibes to this year’s Glastonbury in June, where she’s one of the big bash’s headliners. Ahead of that, ‘Radical Optimism’ will be released on May 3, and she’ll hold some more intimate concerts in the UK to celebrate the record in October when she headlines the Royal Albert Hall—all things to remain incredibly positive about.