Charli XCX was almost on a remix of Lady Gaga’s ‘911’

A lesson in checking your emails thoroughly


Charli XCX has revealed that she was nearly on a remix of Lady Gaga’s ‘911’. 

The original version of the track was released last year as part of the US pop superstar’s latest album ‘Chromatica’

In a Twitter Q&A session, XCX responded to a since-deleted tweet that appeared to have asked her about her opinion on either Gaga or ‘Chromatica’ itself. 


“HELL YES. I LOVE chromatica,” she replied. “her best era imo. rain on me was the song of 2020 & I wish the clubs were open when it came out so we could have raaaaved to it. Blood Pop hit me up about doing a 911 remix but nothing came of it, obvz I would have died & done it in a heartbeat.” 

BloodPop, who produced much of the album, responded with a screenshot of a text conversation between himself and XCX. “Charli !!! We sent stems to 911 in November did you not get them?!” he asked. 

“Wait….. what?! No!!!!! Omg how did this happen ?!?!!! Literally cryinggggg!,” the pop star replied. Fans in the replies are now calling on XCX and BloodPop to make the remix happen now. 

In a review of ‘Chromatica’ last year, The Forty-Five said of the song in question: “‘911’ turns needing antipsychotic medication into a New Order-tinged pop gem, Gaga cheerfully declaring: ‘My biggest enemy is me ever since day one/Pop a 911 then pop another one.’”

Meanwhile, XCX recently formed a “supergroup” with The 1975 and No Rome for the new single ‘Spinning’. The collaboration was confirmed at the end of February, with the track released a week later. 

Rumours about a collaboration had been circulating for years – The 1975’s Matty Healy first revealed that he had teamed up with XCX in 2019. Posting on Twitter at the time, he told fans he had sent her a beat and called her a “fucking force”.