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Plant-based pop: the vegan musicians choosing a meat-free way of life

Beware of celebrities waving their vegan credentials like a badge of honour... they come in many guises.  For some, like dedicated animal rights campaigner Paul...
CMAT Christmas songs

Alternative Christmas songs for this most alternative of festive periods

Usually by this point in the year you're ready to ram Noddy Holder up the chimney, stuff Michael Bublé with giblets and throttle Mariah...
Songs about driving

Pedal to the metal! It’s 45 of the best songs about cars and driving

The car and the open road, so often eulogised in American music, have long been symbols of freedom, rebellion and teenage rites of passage....
Matty Healy The 1975 rabbit hat

45 songs about growing up

There's no denying that getting older sucks but these musicians have perfectly captured the road to adulthood. There are those reflecting on a youth...
Liam Gallagher

The most absurd misheard lyrics of all time

"Bill Oddie, Bill Oddie, put your hands all over my body"
New Order

Do You Remember The First Time? New Order Live in 1983: Scooters, spitting and...

New Order, Tolworth Recreation Centre, 12th March 1983 Tolworth Rec. was never exactly a hub for music and culture. It was an unremarkable suburban sports...